Monday, 18 March 2013

American Bald Eagle On American Idol!!

Of course, it used to be that everyone loved watching ‘Nature’ programmes. Yet I have to say I am deeply, deeply concerned about the recent round of ‘Nature’ programmes being transmitted via the Worldwide Web.

Indeed, in the light of Britain’s Got Talent and Susan Boyle’s continuous mental health problems, have any lessons been learned at all?

In their defence, the BBC, NBC & CNN will argue that, every summer, they are deluged with wildlife wanting to be on their programmes.

As a NBC spokesman says, “One year, we had to put up a sign saying: ‘No more buffalo please!!’ There were a lot of disappointed buffalo that year, but it is a measure of how successful our wildlife ‘Reality’ programmes have become and how willing most wildlife are to participate.”

Is this any excuse? Where does entertainment end and wildlife exploitation begin? Indeed as an American Bald Eagle who appeared on the show last year told us:

"You do get to like being in front of the cameras and all the attention from the public it brings. Then one day, the cameras are gone, the designer gifts and Oscar invites dry up and you’re just another no-mark American Bald Eagle.”

"Even my chicks fledged on the actual programme. Just left, they did without a single backward glance, which has to be hard on any father but to go through it ‘live’ on the worldwide web - only added to my distress.”

And did any of the major networks offer any counselling?

“Did they f***!” I was used and then dumped. I didn’t end up in The Priory but I did have to go to a sanctuary for several weeks at my own expense.”

"I feel very bitter about my whole experience and would warn any animal against appearing on a show like ‘Britain’s Got Wildlife’, and I include the meerkats, even though they are absolutely gagging for it!!”

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