Monday, 22 April 2013

Are You Capable Of Bestiality?

Important Public Information Service: Rob Gotobed is open-minded about anyone’s sexual proclivities – except for those who are into autoerotic asphyxiation! He believes they need stringing up!!

But is there a beast in all men, and if so how many are capable of bestiality?

Rob Gotobed provides a probing 30-second questionnaire.

1. Which of these three cuts of steak do you prefer?
a. Sirloin?
b. Fillet?
c. Rump??

2. If you were asked to draw a picture of a horse, would you draw…
a. A front view of a horse?
b. A side view of a horse?
c. A rear view of a horse??

3. On going to bed at night do you…
a. Lie facing your girlfriend?
b. Lie facing away from your girlfriend?
c. Lie facing a restless night thinking about animals’ buttocks??

4. You are driving through the jungle but find your way blocked by a giraffe, which is bogged down in several inches of mud, although still upright. You have with you a length of rope and a 36-gallon barrel of beer. Do you….
a. Tie one end of the rope round the giraffe’s neck, the other to your bumper bar, and try to pull the giraffe out of the mud?
b. Drink the 36-gallon barrel of beer in the hope that by the time you’ve finished it the giraffe will have managed to free itself?
c. Stand on the barrel and have the giraffe??

And finally this week, it’s time for Rob Gotobed’s, ‘World of the Unexplained?’- ‘Chappaqquidick?’ – Will we ever know the true spelling?

Be seeing you!!

PS: This update was sponsored by Gotobed’s Fast Food Outlets – ‘Where two burgers are cheaper than three!!’


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