Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Emma? A POEM!

And now a short poem, written by Rob Gotobed & A Gentleman in homage to the love of his life the actress Emma Watson. It is simply called, ‘Emma – why did you serve that restraining order on me?’

If I were a boat I’d steer to you,
A pantyhose, adhere to you.

If I were a plumber I’d plumb your depths,
A pancake maker, I’d stuff your crepes!

If I were a breeze I’d ruffle your skirt,
A squeezy bottle, I’d give you a squirt!!

If I were a wok I’d stir fry you,
A guardian angel, be there for you!

If I were a glass blower I’d blow you a kiss,
If I were a poem, I’d end like this…

Be seeing You!


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