Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Story of Rob Gotobed’s Missing Goatee-Beard!

Ten years ago, when I was but a boy, straight of back and sexually active. I grew on a whim a goatee-beard! Well, it was on my face not the whim!

The family doctor, when consulted on the matter, recommended I stopped shaving and sure enough eight years later a goatee-beard appeared.

Well, what with one thing and another - the goatee-beard stayed, and silly old Rob Gotobed grew sillier and older beneath its luxurious pile.

So, the face that once bewitched an entire generation of young delicate women remained hidden - yikes, this is getting out of control!

Often I would shave it off with a pair of golden shears my dear old great grandpappy brought back from his expedition to discover the source of the river Thames.

Whenever I did this, I would be surprised to see my mother’s face in the mirror peering back at me.

Look if you don’t “give a damn” about the story of my goatee-beard why don’t you go and read someone else’s blog!!    #only-joking

Anyway, to make a long story even longer! I found I was aging quicker under the goatee - so I’ve remained clean shaven since that day!

Oh okay then what about this one:
Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that Rappers shouldn't have to file tax returns. - Well, after all, they itemize everything they own in their songs!

Be seeing you!