Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lady Gaga: 20 Things You Never Knew!

1. Lady Gaga is not the Lady Gaga mentioned in the bible.

2. Lady Gaga has never sneezed and her farts smell of elderberries.

3. In 1900, Lady Gaga was cryogenically frozen for 100 years in her great-grandmother’s fridge.

4. To make her breasts, Madame Tussauds Waxworks in London had to melt down both Justin Bieber AND Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5. Lady Gaga is afraid of oxygen.

6. In 2004, Lady Gaga was arrested by the FBI for secretly plotting to overthrow the Elf Kingdom.

7.  In her biography Lady Gaga claims her birth was "foretold by an American Eagle and heralded by a glorious double rainbow and the appearance of a new star”.

8. Her biography also claims that she does not defecate or

9. Lady Gaga frequently participates in staring contests with the sun, and always wins!!

10. Lady Gaga once had an affair with Superman's father.

11. Her front bottom is the exact shape of Harry Potter’s wand.

12. Lady Gaga routinely shoots 9-10 hole-in-ones every time she plays golf.

13. Her urine is bottled by a major soft drinks company.

14. Her breasts have their own gravitational field.

15. Lady Gaga has webbed buttocks & can swim 7 laps without breathing.

16. In 2008, she thought the ‘Credit Crunch’ was a new type of breakfast cereal.

17. In 2009, she thought Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull was a documentary.

18. Lady Gaga can run so fast that she can change the rotation of the earth.

19. Every Thursday morning Lady Gaga plays Checkers with Darth Vader - she never wins!!

20. Lady Gaga is not interested in publicity.

BONUS FACT: The average man takes between one and ten minutes to reach an orgasm, but Lady Gaga can take up to twenty minutes. Male orgasms only last for around four seconds, whereas Lady Gaga’s can last up to fifteen years.

NB. All facts were correct at time of going to press.