Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spontaneous Combustion: Is it an embarrassing problem?

“Not anymore”, says top British Scientist Prof. Rob Gotobed!

Prof. Gotobed takes up the story…
“Anyone can suffer from spontaneous combustion!! And boy, is it embarrassing!! At a dinner party, at the office, massaging your grandmother – and ‘BAM!!!’ you explode into plumes of towering flames!!”

“So why not try my NEW-and-improved ‘Rob Gotobed asbestos boxer shorts!’

They’re comfortable, they don’t flake (much) and they keep fire down to manageable proportions. They have an inbuilt smoke-activated sprinkler system, snug aluminium coating and an emergency escape hatch!!

“But don’t take my word for it – I have hundreds, (well two actually), satisfied potential victims.”

 “I’ve been wearing Rob Gotobed’s boxer shorts for two terms of presidency – and I haven not exploded once!” (Barack Obama The White House USA)

“I’ve been wearing Rob Gotobed’s boxer shorts for ten years – and I’m thinking of buying a second pair?” (Her Majesty The Queen of Great Britain).

Also, this week sees the long awaited release of ‘The Rob Gotobed Book of Pyramidology’, it is priced $169 or FREE with all good packets of Kellogg’s cornflakes!

In the book Prof. Rob Gotobed answers the question: What is it about the pyramid shape that has life-preserving qualities?

For example: A tomato, placed under a pyramid shape will stay fresh for longer than a tomato kept in a fridge!

“To prove my theory, I, Prof. Rob Gotobed, have spent 3 weeks living under a lead pyramid, and now, amazingly enough, I too look like a tomato!!”

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