Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Gotobed & Knight Story Part One

The Gotobed & Knight story began on January 21st 2006 at 45 Eggshell Lane, Scunthorpe, England, where Rob Gotobed and Tony Knight first bumped into each other.

Rob invited Tony to help him stand up. Tony, merely an amateur walker, agreed and on that very spot a myth was created.

They gained their first manager Arthur Scrotum as part of a bet (which they lost). So unimpressed was he with their comedy that he immediately sent them to Europe. Thinking that Europe was just outside Scunthorpe they accepted.

In those days, there was a third member of the duo, Leppo, he couldn’t tell jokes but he knew how to ask for directions, and in Europe that was more difficult.

For eighteen months, night after night, they performed their comedy act, before finally, they managed to escape and returned to England.

In their rush they lost Leppo. He had crawled into bed with a small German Fraulein called Heidi whose father had invented the sauerkraut sausage simulator.

In October 2009 Shaggy Epstein, a failed Oxford arsonist entered their lives. Shaggy had lost an eyebrow during the stock market crash of ’89 and had been winking around London ever since.

He immediately put Gotobed & Knight into the studio. Their first comedy album ‘What the hell happened to us?’ took 12 minutes to record. The second, ‘Why is there hair?’ took even longer.

In 2010 ‘Gotobed & Knightmania’ hit England.

In 2011 they had nineteen out of the top twenty jokes in England.

In 2012 the ‘Fab Two’ made the all-important breakthrough in America. 9,997.5 screaming fans were at Kennedy Airport to greet them. Unfortunately Gotobed & Knight arrived at La Guardia.

They were due to be guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno but as a security precaution they arrived a day early. This enabled them to be safely in and out of the studio before the audience arrived and the show was recorded.

It was a brilliant PR coup! The millions watching at home never even noticed that ‘Gotobed & Knight’ didn’t even appear on the show.

Jay Leno described it as the most uneventful two minutes of his life.

Reviews from their American shows:

 “I don’t think legally this qualifies as comedy!” Kathy Brûlée, The Boston Tribune

“An absolutely horrible show. It was opening night of their tour and Rob Gotobed was already using an understudy.” NYC Gazette

“It’s the most upsetting experience I’ve ever had in a comedy club.”   The Chicago Chronicle 

“The only time the audience applauded was when I threw a shoe at Gotobed’s head.” Zach O’Brian, The Colorado Express