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The Leicester Sqaure Theatre Show May 23rd 2015.

Rob Gotobed’s only UK appearance for 2015 will be at The Leicester Square Theatre, London - this Saturday May 23rd at 9.30pm! 

Time Out Magazine says: Expect silliness and flights of fancy from UK performer Mr Gotobed who has apparently toured the States and almost appeared on US talk show 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'.

Y-Plans says: Side-splitting comedy with a side order of WTF!

There isn’t enough space on your screen to describe the weird, wonderful talents of Rob Gotobed and Tony Knight. They’re zany, they’re quirky and they’re probably a little crazy. They’re also ridiculously funny. Leicester Square Theatre won’t know what’s hit it when the terrible twosome unleash their outrageous brand of killer comedy.

Suitable for over 16s. Running time around 80 minutes.

Actual reviews from the Time Out Magazine website:

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This show is amazing, witty and entertaining!

They had great material, I found myself repeating it the next day to others. They clearly love being on stage and interacting with the audience especially Rob, a welcome and pleasant surprise compared to other stand-ups that do the practiced material and then run off stage.

Would highly recommend for a very enjoyable evening out. I wasn't laughing to the point of tears but it was a great night.

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The closest thing I've seen to Monty Python. Brilliant sketches, improv and musical numbers. 

I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since he was part of the team (with Rob Brydon & Ruth Jones) on BBC radio's ‘Rave’ sketch show in the nineties. 

I last saw him perform at The Punchline in Atlanta it was a brilliant show. 

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I last saw Rob live in 2014. For me the funniest segment was the kidnapping routine. However, I must have been sat in between the biggest Gotobed fans because these girls could not stop laughing. I mean really, based on how much they were laughing I feel bad for giving three and half stars. But this review is based on my experience right?

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The start was a bit slow and I wasn't sure what to expect-just wanted to see if Rob was as good live as he was on the Rave show really. But then he warmed up and was up to his old antics and he did not disappoint. Rob really connected with his audience. Great material throughout with a little edge to some of his bits. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. He even took a few questions at the end. Why Gotobed? “I don't know but I am grateful!”

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Rob was great, I love his refreshing approach to comedy. He will talk about anything and everything, and he can make it hilarious. He has a way of making everyday relatable ideas hysterical and he worked the crowd really well.
The start wasn‘t too hot... but after about 10 minutes I was dying. Honestly my cheeks, stomach, face and lungs hurt so bad from laughing the whole time. My girlfriend isn't such a huge fan of live comedy but she thought it was HYSTERICAL.  

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Rob and Tony were two really funny guys who do not need to be graphic or swear throughout their performance to make a funny point. They were classy, organized and bloody hilarious.  I highly recommend that you go and experience for yourself a great night out in London.

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Hilarious, quirky and fun sums this experience up for me. I use to love Rob on the Rave show but wasn't sure how he'd do onstage by himself. So went to see the show for my boyfriend’s birthday. We were both very surprised and thrilled with the performance. He's a very funny guy with lots of real life material. Would definitely go see him again.

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