Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Whether The Weather Will Be Fine?

Is it just me or have we had an awful lot of weather lately?

And the one subject on which the girlfriend and I will never agree is the temperature of our surroundings.

Basically, I feel the cold and she doesn’t!

Now I want to make it clear that I am NOT a wimp, but I go out in hat, scarf and gloves while she’s wearing a cardigan.

And in the car I turn the heater up to 28 degrees ‘to get us warmed up’ while she travels along with her head hanging out of the window.

It’s a constant puzzle to me that humans who all share the same biology, can vary so much in their attitude to the ambient temperature?

My girlfriend’s idea of the perfect holiday is The Ice Hotel in Antarctica where she can sleep on a block of ice - in a sleeping bag, obviously unzipped to get the benefit of the minus 25 degrees chill!

I honestly believe that if we could harness the heat energy her body throws off we would have the answer to global warming.

By the way, her grandfather invented the cold air balloon. ......unfortunately it never really took off!

And finally, today’s secret revelation…

I like to sleep in the nude! - its not a real problem, except when I’m on those long haul flights.

Be seeing you!