Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Top Twenty Favourite Songs About Farting!

1. I See A Bad Fart Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
2. I Feel Like A Fart Machine by James Brown.
3. It’s My Party And I’ll Fart If I Want To by Lesley Gore.
4. No, No, No, The Fart Is Mine by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney.
5. I’m A Fire Farter by The Prodigy.
6. Saturday Night’s Alright For Farting by Elton John.
7. Come On Baby Light My Fart by The Doors.
8. Whole Lotta Farting Going On by Jerry Lee Lewis.
9. Don’t Fart So Close To Me by The Police.
10. Do You Think I’m Farty? By Rod Stewart.
11. Twist And Fart by The Beatles.
12. Nobody Told Me There’d Be Farts Like These, Strange Farts Indeed by John Lennon.
13. When You Think I’ve Farted All I Can, I’m Gonna Fart Just A Little Bit More by Dr Hook.
14. They Call Me Farty-Pants by First Choice.
15. Pretty Farty by The Sex Pistols.
16. Just Fart! by Lady Gaga.
17. I Kissed A Fart by Katy Perry.
18. What Makes You Fart by One Direction.
19. When A Man Loves A Fart by Percy Sledge.
20. Last Train To Fartsville by The Monkees.

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