Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Driving Test.

I was always told on my driving test that if an animal steps out in front of my car, I should always run it over, as swerving could potentially be dangerous to other road users.

On my driving test, a cow stepped out in front of my car.

As I went past him, I looked in my rear view mirror. The cow was fine - I had missed him by millimetres.

Now, obviously, I didn't want to fail my test - so I slapped it in reverse and went after him!

I must have been chasing that f*cking cow through that field for twenty minutes before I finally hit him!!

And my driving examiner still failed me!

And Now A Big Big Apoolgee 
In larst weak’s edishn off mee plog, i acx… acks… accidently mis-pwelled the word ‘publically’. It shud, of corse, have redd ‘publickly’. Evryone heer is absolutally devastaited. How cud i mak sutch an obvyus cok-upp?

Orl i can sa is ‘sory’.


Knob Goodinbed!!

Bee singing ewe!

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